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Male brown-hooded Kingfisher

Redbacked Shrike
The Redbacked shrike grows to 18 cm. They like to eat insects, small reptiles and nestling birds.

Forktailed Drongo 
The Forktailed drongo grows to 45 cm and is very common but is very aggressive. They like to mob larger raptors that enter their territory, they also like to follow antelope to catch flushed insects which they mainly eat.

Lilacbreasted Roller 
They grow to 36 cm and like to feed on insects, small snakes, lizards and rodents

Redbilled Oxpecker 
The Redbilled oxpecker grows to 21 cm. They are the most common oxpecker in the KNP. They warn their host animals by flying away noisily when there is danger. Redbilled oxpeckers can be found in small groups of 2 - 6 and mostly eat ticks, horseflies and other insects.

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